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The automobile industry has developed exponentially over the past two decades. The market growth has led to cut-throat competition with companies offering new products and services. An automotive brand has to justify this challenging market standard to meet the demands of its target audience. So, how do you plan to take your company to heights in this arena?

The simplest trick to establishing a brand name is by gaining customer trust. It is about connecting with the buyers through a tailored branding process. The first step of this process is creating an identity using a creative logo design for cars.

A vehicle logo goes beyond digital and print media branding. It serves as an emblem for all your products. A logo defines a brand story, class, style, and statement. Putting all these factors together is not a cakewalk. You need sample car logo designs, inspirations, tools, and elements required for the job!

We have made the task a bit simpler for you in this article. Read on and note down all the helpful hints, suggestions, and basic information you need to develop car business logos for your firm!


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1. How Does a Standard Car Logo Design Look?

A standard car logo design comprises an impressive brand statement, a classic emblem or icon, and a story. It exhibits simplicity, uniqueness, and all the qualities a customer wishes to gain from his vehicle purchase. Your vehicle company logo must be synonymous with power, speed, and style. Every logo design goes after the nature of the business. So, for a vehicle or automobile company, these features are a must-have in the logo.

How can you create such a conclusive logo? Well, here are a few suggestions to help you out!

2. Components of Car Logos in UAE

The components of car brand logos are directly associated with the product range this industry offers. You must understand the use of brand logos in this industry. Mostly, your company of car logo in UAE will be a highlight of all your products and services. Here are a few components you can use to make your car company logo more attractive.

Classic Emblem

Have you ever seen a vehicle logo that does not have an emblem? The answer would be no. Every designer understands the functionality of a company logo. Therefore, you need to introduce an emblem or symbol to your logo. It should be something that compliments the metallic textures we use on vehicle logos.

Solid Color Palette

Metallic shades and solid color palettes set the trademark for a cool Dubai car logo. You may not find a rainbow-colored logo displayed on a vehicle, right? So, you need to come up with a unique metallic shade or a solid color that you can incorporate into your car company logos.


Another significant component of Dubai car logos is a well-defined shape or layout. You can either use a background color in your logo or keep it confined to a shape. Circles, triangles, hexagons, etc., are some of the commonly used shapes in car business logos.

3. Some Handy Tricks To Uplift Your Car Brand Logos

A custom logo for car is challenging to carve, especially if you are not abreast of the nitty-gritty of logo designing. While every design progresses as per the nature and requirements of a business, you can keep a few tricks up your sleeve to make the task easier!

  • Always keep your focus on defining simplicity to its best. Do not try to put all the eggs in one basket!
  • Use your brand story and the unit selling point of your product as the basis of your customized Dubai car logos.
  • Ask your branding agency to research all the possibilities to match your requirements. It is quite a task to create relativity in a logo design.
  • Take inspiration from the leading vehicle brands and companies but do not follow their logos blindly. You should aim at offering something that describes your business.

4. Car Design Inspiration: Top 5 Vehicle Brand Logo Designs

Now that we understand what goes into a car company logo design, we must have a look at the trailblazers in this arena. Going through the ideas used by these business tycoons in the automobile industry might help you pan out your car business logos.


We see four interlocking rings or loops and the first thing that pops into our minds is Audi, isn’t it? This tremendous fame has not come overnight. However, you will be surprised to know that the interlock of these four rings represents a simple idea; a union between the four manufacturers of Audi vehicles.


The USP of Tesla vehicles is automation. Well, the company represents the same in its logo. The unique T-shaped logo is a combination of two exceptional parts. The lower part depicts a rotor, while the layering line on the top represents a stator. It is a cross-section display of an electric motor.


Mustang luxury car logos are a direct depiction of what the company sells, high speed. Yes, Mustang cars are famous for their phenomenal horsepower. Therefore, the logo also depicts a wild horse running on the tracks. What could be a better way of promoting the key feature of your products? You can also use such simple logo designing ideas to convey a meaningful message.


The founder of Lamborghini company has used his fascination and ideology in its logo quite deliberately. The power, speed, and rage of bulls always impressed him. So, when it came to choosing a logo for his company, he depicted a raging bull as the symbol. The golden color of the bull represents beauty and royalty.


The black prancing horse used as a symbol for Ferrari cars is a fair representation of the key features of this sports car brand. While the green, red and white strips depict the Italian flag, the horse is a symbol of power and speed. It is also a symbol of command and fierce passion. No wonder sports car enthusiasts are a true fan of Ferrari!

5. Where to Start With A Car Logo Design?

Do you know the elements, ideas, and tricks to come up with a creative car logo design but wondering where to start? If yes, get the number of a reliable logo design agency. Well, branding teams are the answer to all your logo design queries. Share your vision with professionals who know how to put words to strokes and symbols. An experienced team will assist you throughout the process. A branding agency will look after everything you need to tell your company story with creativity!

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6. Discover the Best Car Logo Design With VOWELS

A creative logo design appeals to customers way before a vehicle is sold, doesn’t it? We live in a market scenario where buyers do their online research thoroughly. We, at VOWELS, understand this process. Yes, our team analyses market data, trends, and demands regularly. We keep the information in mind while crafting logos and branding strategies for our clients. Our goal is to deliver the most unique, stylish, and eye-catching designs to businesses. Contact us online or call our customer service executive to share your vision and see it come true!

7. FAQs

Q. How to create a car logo design for free?

Ans. Free online portals offer predesigned logo design templates that you can customize as per your requirement. What we fail to see before using these platforms is that most of these free logos are familiar. You might also find numerous duplicate versions of existing logos. Bringing a considerable transition to these designs is an experienced designer’s job. Therefore, you must consider investing in logo creations.

Q. Which branding agency makes a business logo for car?

Ans. Every branding agency makes a business logo for car and automobile companies. If you are looking for the best of all within your budget quotient, VOWELS is the right choice for you. Its consistent and remarkable market performance and goodwill speak volumes of what the company brings to the table. You can get end-to-end branding solutions at one stop! Visit their website for detailed information.

Q. How much does it cost to create customized car logos?

Ans. The price range of logo designing services varies from one agency to another. Since a brand logo is a wise and long-term investment, successful companies spend millions on it. However, you can take small steps towards the process and hire a decent branding agency with significant market goodwill for your firm.

Q. Are any luxury car logos available online for free?

Ans. Luxury car logos demand an extravagant and outlandish factor. It is something that you might find missing on free online logo makers. These platforms also charge a certain amount for unlocking trendy tools and elements of design. So, if you have to pay money for car logos, you should hire a branding agency to make the task much easier for you.

Q. What is the best way to design car logos?

Ans. The best way to design car company logos is to build an association with a branding agency. Yes, there is no better solution than seeking assistance from professionals who understand the concept. A branding team with in-depth knowledge of logo design will serve you the most incredible designs.

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