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Last update: August 4, 2022

Discord has become an integral part of gaming groups. Gamers rely upon this well-integrated software that helps them interact with their friends on almost every gaming portal. The popularity has created a marketplace for a wide array of Discord businesses and companies.

A cool discord PFP is necessary to make an impactful impression in the industry. If you have been preparing to launch your Discord software successfully, you must start with a superior logo design agency. The first step to it is developing a sound Discord logo. There are many ways to create a logo design that sets a footmark in the industry.

As we understand the nature of the gaming industry, it is more about attracting the attention of potential users or customers. Once your software has caught the eye, word of mouth will spread to your benefit. You can make all this happen in no time if you create a custom Discord logo.

Yes, focus on designing something that reflects the premium features of your software as well as allures your target audience. Here are all the logo designing ideas and inspiration you will require in the process. Follow every piece of advice the best you can to see productive results!


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1. What is the Ideal Design of A Discord Logo?

A discord logo must represent the theme of the software. From connecting students and traders to gamers, discord software tools connect different people. Utilizing this differentiation to craft a design with the characters and elements may help you bring a unique quality to the logo. The ideal design must be minimalistic and relatable, something that catches attention. Here are a few things that you must know to come up with better ideas.

2. Elements of the Best Discord Logos

The best discord logo yields results for businesses because they comprise a few distinctive elements. This certain inclusion or characterization increases your chances of attracting the attention of your target audience.


Most discords are about gaming platforms and online entertainment. Animation is a part of these portals, something that impresses gamers in the first place. You must bring an animated touch to your logo using soft colors and sharp strokes.


In the case of discords, the scope of variation is confined since the purpose of the software tools is the same. Therefore, the only way for you to stand out is to create a custom discord logo for your business with personalized effects. It is vital to highlight the exclusiveness of your company.


You can use gaming characters or anything that describes your discord platform. Relatable logo designs have a ring to them when it comes to branding.

3. Suggestions to Create A Good Discord Logo

The theories and rules of logo designing keep changing from one industry to another. You may know the preliminary concept of what it takes to create a cool discord PFP. However, understanding the ever-changing market conditions and accommodating them is the real challenge. Here are a few suggestions you can use along the way!

  • Every discord search comes up with an ordinary remote controller icon. Your task must be to use this identity uniquely.
  • You must not create something that creates confusion among your customers. Leave a mark of your business identity in the logo.
  • A discord server icon maker is for collecting ideas and not for creating a design. You must find a logo design company for the task.
  • Use a statement design to make your company stand out in the market. It can be a statement color, icon, stroke, or symbol.

4. Take Inspiration From The Top 5 Discord Logos

The first thing to do before starting to design your logo is to learn from the existing popular names in the market. You must always look up to your successors to figure out the pros and cons of cool discord PFP. Here are the top five discords you must consider.


Valorant is a discord server named after the game that has been popular for a long time. The logo features vector strokes placed diagonally to form the letter V. The lines do not touch one another and change color in different versions of the logo.


The old-school look of the blocky graphics used in the Minecraft logo makes it unique and special. Its logo features a rock block covered with grass, something that represents the diversity of the business. It is one of the best discord logos you will come across in the industry.


Discord application or software is an exclusive and one of the most popular products in this line. It copyrights the name and the premier symbol used for discords. The light green tab that resembles the keys of a computer keyboard features a white remote controller animated with two buttons. You can also use this idea to characterize any element that reflects your business.


Nookazon stands out when it comes to creating a unique symbolism in logos. It uses a green beetle leaf design with the initial of the server name featured in the lower case. Since this discord server is a marketplace for animal crossing, using a leaf symbol makes sense to the audience.

Games Fnatic

Games Fnatic is a popular discord server. It features a unique logo with the number seven mirrored on a white circular layout. It has a small white line in the middle to connect the two letters. It is a cool logo for discord that looks like a Japanese alphabet.

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5. How to Create The Most Appealing Discord Logo?

One of the first things that customers look out for after hearing about a brand is its logo. An icon, symbol, or emblem that expresses your business approach and product line. In the case of a discord logo, you may have to look out for a robust and advanced logo design, something that complements the technology reach we enjoy today. Therefore, the best way to create an impressive logo design is with the help of a logo designing team that understands it all. A firm like VOWELS is the right choice for you to create a logo design that will catch your eyes immediately.

6. Design Your Discord Logo With VOWELS

Are you looking for the best discord logo that serves as a business statement for your business? If yes, VOWELS is the ultimate destination for you. Our team will not only help you make the first move in the market but also help you retain your position. Grab customer attention in the long run with creative logo designs. Our services will help you rise in a competitive market setup. Visit our website to go through the records of our clientele and understand how you can be one of them. If there are any queries, contact our customer executives today!

7. Some Common FAQs

Q. How to create a Discord logo?

Ans. You can create a discord logo with the help of a logo designing team that is well-versed with elements, icons, and symbolism. You just have to express your thoughts and ideas, and the team will take care of the rest. Analyze the market thoroughly to find a credible team.

Q. Is a Discord logo maker useful?

Ans. The usefulness of a discord logo maker is limited to people who have in-depth knowledge of logo designs and creations. If you are new to this concept, you may not get the output that serves your cause. This is the reason most successful businesses hire logo designing agencies that deliver creativity and originality.

Q. Can I use a Discord server icon maker?

Ans. Yes, a discord server icon maker is accessible to every person. However, getting access to logo makers without any knowledge of logo design is not enough. You may wind up creating a common and basic design that does not complement your business approach. So, if you want a one-stop solution for all your branding needs, a logo designing agency is the best option.

Q. How to create a cool logo for Discord?

Ans. You can conveniently create a cool logo for discord with the help of a logo designing team. A team of professionals will listen to your requirements, put the entire brand story in context, and design a logo that perfectly represents your brand. The assistance of a steadfast creative team will assure a remarkable representation in the market.

Q. What is the best way to create discord server icons for free?

Ans. Discord server icons can be easily made for free on online logo makers. Although you get to try numerous templates and designs, you have to suffer significant drawbacks. Yes, the commonality and easy accessibility of these platforms reduce their efficiency. You are unlikely to get a unique design. It may also be challenging for you to put together an appealing design. So, the best way is to invest in professionals who can do the job for you.

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