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Last update: September 25, 2023

A significant amount of effort is required to work on the website and improve its technological abilities. Hence, developing web design management skills to effectively handle bigger, more difficult projects is very important.

A web design agency is skilled in providing quality work experience to its clients. It can easily handle all the project details and satisfy the client’s demands. Thus, project management may represent the difference between satisfied, regular, and unhappy audiences.


When a contract between a client and a web agency is made, the first step is to apply project management techniques that best suit the web team and project objectives. In this blog, you will learn about all the basic information regarding project management theory and practices.

Let’s begin by understanding What is Website Design Project Management and how to manage it?

Website Design Project Management

Web Design Project management is a way to balance, control and adapt new design and development changes in the website. This approach will help build a standard process to save time, improve interaction with the audience, and eventually expand the business.

The successful project management techniques for web design and development projects are described thoroughly.

Let’s get started.

How to Manage a Web Design Project?

Set Clear Goals

Effective project management begins long before the work starts. Whether the web agency is developing a new digital store, moving a client’s existing business to a new stage, or creating a customized app that will add unique features to its online store, the brand must set clear goals before an agency starts working on the project.

Once the project objective is clear, it will be easy to work on further. This will also help in avoiding extra confusion about adding features and functions.

Create a Timeline

Scheduling a timeline for performing a project is more complex than it sounds. Follow the below guidelines to create an effective timeline.

Create a Scope of Work

The nature of the project should be clear before establishing the schedule for the project. The project scope statement should clearly define the items expected by the project’s end.

Work Breakdown Structure

Begin with the project’s mission and divide the task into smaller segments to create a work breakdown structure (WBS).

Set Down Tasks

It is a smart move to make a to-do list for any task. Also, examine the difference between the start point and your end goal. Set up the tactics to achieve the desired web design results.

Look for Project Dependencies

Try to create a flowchart to understand and identify these connections better. Swim lanes or color coding can be useful to assign each individual or team their responsibilities to perform a task.

Lastly comes the main step, “create a project timeline.” Adjust the tasks in sequence and their lengths according to the given time. After this, add all the objectives to complete the process. Now the project management timeline is built and easy to understand.

Track Your Progress

Several agency project managers use the project-tracking method to update clients about the work completed and how the resources are used. Moreover, companies can also use project tracking software, Excel sheets, and dashboards for tracking their work.

However, today many companies are shifting to advanced platforms to track their projects. As a result, new tools like project-tracking applications automatically show current data and work stage. This quick update on the project helps make decisions and raises the probability of successful projects.

Communicate Regularly with the Web Design Company

Communication is the key point in running a web design project smoothly. Good communication ensures the clients that the agency offers better quality work and user experience. If the agency fails to communicate with the client properly, there can be disagreement and disappointment in the project.

In some projects, it becomes tough to communicate with people having different backgrounds, experiences, and skills. The task becomes more complicated when teams from different organizations work together. Hence, make a proper list of rules and guidelines to follow. Lastly, always ensure that communication is clear and understandable.



Website Design and Development Project: We did a web design and development project for a UAE real estate brand named Denmark. The project aims to provide the brand with an efficient website with unique features, content management abilities, and visual images. We gave them a blue and white color scheme to make the site more attractive. Vowels efficiently completed the project and delivered it to the client. We coordinated properly, adhere to timelines, communicated with the client throughout the process, and ensured that the website met all the expectations.

Work with Vowels

Our web agency believes in adopting new project management strategies that attract clients and make the development project easy. Regarding project management approaches, our web agency mainly focuses on identifying and fulfilling brand vision according to the client’s demand. We also reach a predetermined budget and timeline to ensure clarity and communication regarding the project.

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How to build a web design project?

Following are the steps for planning a website project:

  • Make a visual presentation of images (doing this will help in conveying general ideas about a particular topic).
  • Generate wireframes.
  • Present the final plan to the client and get his approval.
  • Begin with the developing process.
  • Add relevant content.
  • Work on on-page SEO.
  • Run some tests, check functions, features, and security properly. 
  • Finally, after completing the website project, it is delivered to the client.

Describe the role of project management in web development.

A controller of the web development team is the project manager who manages the entire process, assigns duties to the team, and ensures that the project is done and delivered on time. They are also responsible for maintaining healthy contact between the client and the developer.

Name different phases of web project management?

Following are the six phases of web design development:

  1. Information gathering
  2. Planning
  3. Designing
  4. Building
  5. Testing
  6. Launch

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