Brand Positioning: Why is It Unmissable for Brand Success?

Brand positioning is your master key to making your target customer choose your brand over others. The brand positioning ensures everything your brand does is directed towards the common aim of making the brand appear more relatable to the target audiences.

The first step in brand positioning is finding out a niche market and a differentiating brand quality (or USP) that sets you apart. It is not necessary to innovate a brand new product to be different (of course, that’s a bonus), but there are other ways too.

  • Role specific: Your brand could be making products or creating services only for the CEOs. In other words, your brand doesn’t cater to everyone but only a specific tribe. That is a solid case of specialisation. Another example of this could be “For the to-be-mothers”
  • Cost-benefit: You could differentiate your brand by offering quality product/service at low costs. Using a tagline like “offering world-class accounting services at standard rates” is a great way to set yourself as a budget-friendly yet quality-driven brand – the dream recipe to attract new clients.
  • Industry-Specific: Tesla has captured the electric automobile industry so much that Tesla and electric cars have almost become synonymous. An electric car lover aspires to own a Tesla. That’s the beauty of brand positioning!

Throughout all these points, whatever the brand is claiming must be true and supported by evidence. It is also very necessary to ensure your brand positioning is relevant to your target audience. For instance: The customers of a brand like Louis Vouitton wouldn’t want to see it making low-priced bags. The beauty of that bag is that it is luxurious and affordable by a few. The major chunk of the success of luxury brands is that they are “purely” catering to only the higher income groups.

After you have figured out your Unique Selling Proposition, define your target audience, study how your competitors’ are branding in the market and if possible, do a professional research with customer surveys. Understand how your target audiences feel about your competitor, where do they think your competitor is lacking. Once you have understood what it is that the customers are expecting from your competitors but not receiving, almost creating a market gap. Bridge that gap and make that your strength. If the customer is unhappy with your competitors’ after-sale service, become their hero by giving complimentary after-sale services. Maybe you could build your brand position by saying: “There for you, before and after you have used our product”

The Specialist

When you are known for one particular service, the world knows you better, the world knows you as an expert. Your room to bring in new clients increases manifold.

With your brand positioning deeply embedded into your marketing strategies, your brand communication becomes more meaningful, excites the prospective audiences and gets you the limelight.

Ever thought about express shipping and almost certainly thought about FedEx. That’s the sweet fruit of the powerful brand positioning that FedEx has done and maintained over all these years. Likewise, think about budget-friendly everyday online shopping in UAE and you almost instantly know it is Amazon or Noon.

A Communication Guide

Brand positioning leads to more strategic communication, it gives you a path to follow for all your messages to the customer at every touch point.

A great example of Brand Positioning is how Dubai has transformed its global perception using strategic communication. Here’s what Brand Researchers Lee and Jain said: “Dubai is an excellent example of how a city can use a dynamic economy, wealth, sophistication and innovation as its brand position to attract visitors, residents and investors alike. Dubai has also implemented several advertising strategies to reinforce this position.

Price Influencer

The way a brand is positioned also affects its pricing decisions. If the brand has positioned itself as a game-changer, innovator service provider, it makes complete sense to price their services above those brands who have positioned themselves as general service providers.

Tech major Apple’s unique position justifies the price tag on its products.

With the fast-paced market and multiple layers in brand positioning, it may become daunting to find a differentiating ground for your brand and attract customers from your competitor’s kitty but we’ve got you covered. If creating a brand positioning is something you are struggling with, consult with branding design agency. Our brand consultancy is spread across different countries to assist all new and existing businesses with brand positioning, brand identity and all things branding. If there is any question you might have, please feel free to contact us or mail us here – We’d love to hear from you!

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