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Journey from Hong Kong to India

Poppery, a Jewellery brand from Hong Kong is hugely popular among the classes and is known for its finely created designs and patterns which have a huge fan following in the APAC region. Poppery was looking for a global expansion and what can be better than a country with a whooping population of 1.33 billion, India. We were referred to Poppery by one of our esteemed Jewellery client and that’s how we got a chance to work with the ambitious brand.

Bridging the Gap between India and Hong Kong

Less did the owners of the brand knew about the Indian market, besides the fact that India is a rich country and when it comes to Jewellery we Indians are a spend thrift. There had to be a tectonic shift in the strategy while targeting the Indian Metro cities. However, knowing the affluent audience which was ideally the target audience for the brand, we suggest Poperry to focus on the design aspect, something which Burberry does to woo its audience.

Storytelling behind the Jewellery

People engage with the brand when it has a story attached to it, this is applicable to product as well, especially when it comes to Jewellery. Thus we started campaigns promoting the Jewellery with a storyline at its forefront. We dig deep into the history of Indian Kings and Queens and the exorbitant Jewellery they wore back in the days. Our featured story such as the #Nijams of Hyderabad, #Parineeti & #Kaayra earned the brand huge recognition and accolades from the targeted ciche audience.

Breaking the Perception

Despite having value for money proposition , due to our rich communication the brand was perceived as expensive. It was very much required to break the perception of people, and still being able to bring sizable sales for Poppery. In order to achieve this, we suggested the brand to participate in large number of B2C and B2B exhibition, wherein the consumers can have a look and feel of the brand and get to know the price attached with the piece of Jewellery. It was just a matter of time and Poppery was able to create its mark and earn the reputation of a value for money Jewellery brand.