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The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector is the fourth largest sector in India. The FMCG sector has grown from US$ 31.6 Billion in 2011 to US $52.8 Billion in 2017-18. It is expected that the sector will further grow by a CAGR of 27.9% to reach a value of US$103.7 Billion. The statistics above reveal the opportunity and the competition there is in the FMCG Indian Market. Omni Ice Cream which was founded in the early 90’s under Preeti Ice Cream & Foods, realized the need to undergo a brand refresh in terms of its packaging and communication due to the increasing competition. The Brand appeal was not so strong when it comes to their target audience, hence wanted a complete brand uplift in order to stay contemporary in this dynamic business environment.

The Impact

The moment we got the brief, the first thing we did was to work on the packaging of Omni. We created a wireframe encompassing the space for Keywords, Tagline, Main content and the typography. The earlier dull colors were replaced by Bright colors like Pink, Purple, White, Yellow and Orange. The uplift in packaging helped Omni to pick up its market share and also find a strong liking in the age group of 6-14 Years age group.


Logo Identity
Brand Strategy
Social Strategy
Visual Design/ Packaging/Visual Identity
Social Media Marketing

The Outcome
Our clean, cutting-edge pack designs speaks to changing consumer trends. Research results shows that over 70% of the consumers were able to find the Ice Cream Tub & Brick inside the refrigeration easily, and the new designs increased the purchase intent by over 45%.

The 90’s Era

The 90’s era Omni Ice Cream was being marketed under the name of Preeti Ice Cream and Foods. There is no denial that Omni was enjoying a good market share and its sales were flourishing with each passing day. The Ice cream brand had a strong presence in the northern belt, and with the growing popularity the company was sure of its success at the PAN India Level. The Target audience of Omni Ice Cream ranged from Kids as small 2 Years to as old as 65 Years.

Omni 2.0

Bridge the Gap/Fixing the Loose Ends

The moment we get a chance to work with a brand that is ready to experiment with colors and want to play bold, we get an adrenalin rush and hop on the board to revitalize the brand. The founder and CEO Mr. Geet Bagrodia took the onus on him and underwent a lot of research on the competition and some big names in the industry to come up with the right look and feel for the packaging of the popular Omni Ice Cream brand. We suggested playing with bright colors like Pink, Yellow, Purple, white and orange on the packaging as these really suit the eye of the audience. The result of which was amazing packaging which resulted in higher sales for the brand.

Omni 2.0 is all about venturing into newer boundaries and locations which are yet unexplored by the brand. Furthermore, the brand is also pondering to increase its product offering and foray into the market with the launch of Mint based coolers and shakes. With the result we have demonstrated for the brand, the onus lies again with our research team to validate the feasibility of Omni 2.0.