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For the Love of Our Palate

You scream, I Scream, we all scream for Ice-Cream, the line is nothing else but a fact which is strongly rooted in and ingrained in our heads. Omni, an Ice cream brand which was founded under the name Preeti Ice cream and foods was established in the early 90s. Omni was already a popular brand in the northern belt, but it was concerned with the growing competition and wanted to rejuvenate the brand by playing with different colors and a youthful communication strategy.

Creating the Brand Bible

The moment we get a chance to work with a brand that is ready to experiment with colors and want to play bold, we get an adrenalin rush and hop on the board to revitalize the brand. The founder and CEO Mr. Geet Bagrodia took the onus on him and underwent a lot of research on the competition and some big names in the industry to come up with the right look and feel for the packaging of the popular Omni Ice Cream brand. We suggested playing with bright colors like Pink, Yellow, Purple, white and orange on the packaging as these really suit the eye of the audience. The result of which was amazing packaging which resulted in higher sales for the brand.

Getting the Eye-Balls rolling

All the strategy we create behind the closed doors is futile if we are unable to demonstrate it in the real world. With Omni we were confident with our Packaging, Product & Pricing, the only lacunae was left in terms of Promotion. We came up with a 360 degree campaign for Omni brands and hired some of the biggest billboards around the city and positioned Omni as the new age Ice-Cream brand, on the likes of Baskin Robbins. We left no stone unturned and engaged the audience with our quirky and youthful communication. We were able to deliver 500,000 impressions within a span of 5 days with the launch of our campaign #SummerHealers.

Omni 2.0

Omni 2.0 is all about venturing into newer boundaries and locations which are yet to be explored by the brand. Furthermore, the brand is also pondering to increase its product offering and foray into the market with the launch of Mint based coolers and shakes. With the result we have demonstrated for the brand, the onus lies again with our research team to validate the feasibility of Omni 2.0.