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Omni - I scream, You scream,
We all scream for Omni Ice-creams


Rebranding a pioneer name in FMCG industry of over 25 plus years of experience.

Logo Identity, Brand Strategy, Social Strategy, Visual Design/ Packaging/Visual Identity, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Print Advertising

The Impact

The moment we got the brief, the first thing we did was to work on the packaging of Omni. We created a wireframe encompassing the space for Keywords, Tagline, Main content and the typography. The earlier subtle colors were replaced by Bright colors like Pink, Purple, White, Yellow and Orange. This change in packaging helped Omni to pick up its market share and also find a strong affinity in the age group of 6-14 Years.

A good logo
Timeless identification

Logo Redesign



The new logo has been thoughtfully designed and has three smiles. This design immediately gives the brand a happy vibe and makes it easier for people to associate the joy of having ice cream with Omni.


The colors of the logo strategically reflect upon the colors of various flavors of Omni Ice Cream. A single glance at the logo, it is easy to feel the delectable taste of each of these flavors.

Premium Experience

The vibrant colors used along with this font makes the brand scream of luxury. Such an effect not only creates a solid positioning of the brand but also further builds trust in terms of the quality of the product.

The Outcome

Our clean, cutting-edge pack designs speaks to changing consumer trends. Research results shows that over 70% of the consumers were able to find the Ice Cream Tub & Brick inside the refrigeration easily, and the new designs increased the purchase intent by over 45%.


  • Aesthetics

    For the longest time, Ice Creams have been associated as a dessert that everyone loves. Hence, Aesthetically, Omni has been branded to depict happiness, excitement and the joy of having Ice Cream. Through various nuances of the brand, we ensured that each brand element portrays a cheerful vibe.

  • Communication

    The consistent communication across each brand element for Omni revolves around its delectable taste and most importantly the joy it brings. This communication helped us effectively position the brand in the minds of its direct consumers as a product that brings happiness. Via various campaigns, we ensured the association of the brand with happy memories and cheerful moments.

  • Personality

    Omni’s brand personality has been painted as young, dynamic, full of life, energy & vigor. This has been accomplished through numerous campaigns, brand elements and communications. Brand Omni has been associated as trending. This makes it extremely desirable for the target audience and also positions the brand as highly appealing.

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