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Madhusudhan Marbles

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Understanding the Legacy

Madhusudan Marble was founded in the year 1976 by Mr. Kabra who introduced to the market some new and exceptional quality marble. Being in the industry for over 40 years and earning a reputation of a leading importer, exporter and manufacturer of various marbles, granites, Onyx, Sandstone and Quartzite in Indian and various other countries, Madhusudan Marbles was slightly a tricky client than what we had handled so far. The reason was primarily making the client comprehend the need of a digital presence in the rapidly evolving marketing ecosystem.

Transition from Old Age marketing to New Age Communication

Madhusudan Marbles earned a rock solid name for itself by leveraging on the offline communication which mostly consisted of Newspaper, Pamphlets, TV & Radio ads. The company has spent a huge sum of money on marketing on the offline medium and was quite satisfied with the result they achieved in this journey. However, with the advent of Internet and rise of social media platforms a lot of companies started using the cheaper medium to advertise and create brand awareness amongst the target audience. This is when we came in the picture and were asked to handle the online communication for the brand and make them more visible amongst the target audience.

Getting the message to the audience

Madhusudan Marbles already had a strong B2B network, but what they were lacking was a strong presence in the B2C category. Now, in order to make the new age audience aware about the brand we needed to come up with a crisp yet informative communication to appeal to the new age parents or to make them associate with the brand. We thus came up with a strategy which was based on the touch points of the brand’s audience.

Getting it right the very first time

With Madhusudan Marbles we were very clear that any communication which goes for the brand has to create an impact on the audience right from the start. With our curated content, video shoot and photography we were able to generate relevant communication on all the social media platforms. The New age audience was able to connect with the brand owing to our communication strategy which ultimately resulted in getting buyers in large number for the brand.