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Jecrc - Curating & executing marketing campaigns for an
engineering college to increase admissions


Creating impactful digital footprints of an engineering college to encourage admissions

Logo Identity, Brand Strategy, Social Strategy, Visual Design/ Packaging/Visual Identity, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Print Advertising

The Impact

With increasing disposable income and multitude of education institutes being introduced in metro locations, JECRC was finding it difficult to grab admissions within the city. We therefore, had to work towards re-positioning the brand in a manner that instills trust and reflects expertise. We identified keywords and decided to run numerous digital marketing campaigns on the same. Since their entire target audience included Gen Z, we also revamped their social presence. This led to over 36% increase in local admissions and 18% increase in admissions from other cities.

Social Media Strategy

Brand Communication by JECRC

Career opportunity

We decided to align the primary communication by the brand with the primary need of the students viz a viz further career opportunities. Therefore a lot of focus across all campaigns was on placements and other opportunities that the campus offered.

Continued Learning

We focused our communication on learning that goes beyond classrooms and lectures and threw light upon other extra curricular activities and their benefits on the student lifestyle. This gave students a driving factor to be a part of the JECRC community.

Campus Life

One of the most exciting phases for a student is the campus life. We decided to make this lifestyle the linchpin of the communication by JECRC. This enabled the brand to grab attention of students and created a desire to be a part of this lifestyle.

Capturing the essence of the whole project into a design moodboard

Over 83% of people trust a brand (college) if they see it on the first page of Google. But only 32% of people stick to a page for over 9 seconds. And this is the duration we had to increase. Hence, we created design elements and promoted our content in a manner that makes people inquisitive and allows them to read further. Hence we used the brand colors to curate an attractive moodboard that not only grabs attention but also instills trust.

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