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The Story That Thrived

G Club, the largest club in JAIPUR has changed the way Pink City reveals. The grand launch witnessed Pop sensation J Star taking the stage on fire. The idea behind G has always been to create an experience that entrances you in a world of grandeur. With all glitz and glamour G Club offers a revelry destination for those who believe in the sovereignty of their being. The music offered here is vivacious with ravishing ambience making it the most happening party destination.

Tagline that etched in the minds

The tagline we chose for G Club is the apt. depiction of its brand value of perfection. Tagline “Mediocrity Not Allowed” played a huge role in wooing the audience who seek to shoot for excellence in every walk of life. It is in sync with G Club’s offerings of eclectic music and unabashed debauchery.

Firing the imagination

To market G Club’s supremacy , we needed to see first-hand what made it different. We set off to spend a day at the club and explored its nooks and cranny in depth. We immersed ourselves in its grandeur, its music, its food and drinks offerings. This led us to develop the visual identity conspicuously

Made a mark

In a time when club culture is becoming popular in Jaipur it was essential for us to market G Club distinctively. Our major task was to create the buzz and we successfully did it through eye-catching newspaper advertisements and engaging social media posts. We also created ‘nightlife promotions pointers’ strategy for the club to increase the footfall at the time of inception

Changed Forever

With the combined efforts of the founders within no time we were successful in making G Club as the most happening place in Jaipur. Along the way, we realized that we weren’t just developing a club brand, we were, in fact, helping to define the free spirited identity of this city.