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Dechoco - Improving sales through a distinguished
brand design and storytelling


Enhance desirability and increase sales of a chocolate brand through distinguished packaging and targeting a niche audience

Logo Identity, Brand Strategy, Social Strategy, Visual Design/ Packaging/Visual Identity, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Print Advertising

The Impact

The branding process for any chocolate is always a tricky affair. The competition is massive and the competition is good. Keeping that in mind, we decided to identify a unique audience and redefined the brand’s positioning in a manner that specifically targets to this niche group. De’Choco hence offered extra dark chocolate to a premium customer segment. This identification not only helped us in creating a massive buzz before the launch but also depicted a heavily optimistic response post that. Within three months of the launch, De’Choco was able to introduce two new flavors, both of which were well accepted with this targeted group.

Incarcerating brand differentiation through unique designs.

Logo Design


Rich Cocoa

The dark color palette used in the brand’s logo reflects upon the quality of rich cocoa used in the product thereby enabling customers to trust the brand.

Premium appeal

The unique name, distinguished typography as well as the minimalist design brings about a premium appeal of the brand in the minds of its customers.

Distinguished brand

The wavy texture and elegant pattern across every brand component makes it stand out on a retail shelf. This further creates desirability amidst competition.

Capturing the essence of the whole project into a design moodboard

Evolving a unique brand personality through powerful imagery and rethinking De’Choco’s approach away from cookie cutter branding strategies and infusing a new life by creating a distinct identity.


  • Aesthetics

    De’Choco screams of aesthetics that are distinguished and can stand out on a retail shelf. From the color palette to the typography to textures and patterns used across every branding element are all aimed at offering a premium appeal and ensuring the differentiation of De’Choco from its many competitors.

  • Communication

    Through numerous channels, the primary communication that De’Choco holds is the brand’s appeal to the patrons of dark chocolate. This has strategically targeted those select consumers which truly relish the strong taste of dark cocoa.

  • Personality

    De’Choco’s personality is bold, polished and fearless. This makes the brand stand out and loudly call out to its target audience. The strength of the brand’s personality is easily reflected across all marketing campaigns and has largely helped the brand is aptly resonating with its niche.

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