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Coming up with the Name

Coolberg a crafted zero alcoholic beer was launched in the summers of 2017. It was extremely crucial to come up with the name which would resonate with the audience whilst defining the brand proposition. We literally went to the roots of the drink to come up with the appropriate name. Coolberg is an amalgamation of two words: Iceberg & cool, both the words have a good appeal when it comes to the youth of the nation. The name was instantly approved by the team at Coolberg as it clearly harbingered towards the offering of the brand in a subtle tone.

Logo –A reflection of the brand name

The next time right after identifying the name for the drink was to come up with a logo which would depict the brand offering. Just like the name Coolberg, the team came up with the idea of a mascot which would do justice to the brand. The mascot for the logo had all the ingredients of being uber cool and was a symbolism of the new age generation.

Packaging for the Drink

The Zero alcoholic beer comes in 6 variants, namely : Malt, Ginger, Mint, Peach, Cranberry and Strawberry. We were told to create packaging in such a manner that the color combination would responsively let the audience identify the variant of the drink. We thus came up with a simple yet effective approach to tackle this problem. We picked up the natural colors of these variant and packaged the bottles of Coolberg. With this we were able to address to issues at hand, differentiate the offering from each other and building a connect of the drink through our packaging.

Quirky Communication/The New Age Communication

Although the audience of the drink was highly scattered as it was a viable product for people of all age groups. However, it was the young audience who was the prime consumer of our products. Therefore in order to appeal to the young audience, we thought of playing it cool and quirky with our communication. As an inspiration, we picked up Carlsberg’s case study to define our communication, the result of which was high engagement and instant connect with the young audience.