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Burger Farm: Deliciously Desi Originally Indian

Burger chains in India are mostly dominated by international players like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr. and many more. This implies that in order to open up a burger chain in India, there was no other way than to adopt to the red ocean strategy, which, in laymen terms, is cut-throat competition. The mission therefore was to establish, build and create a brand which not only has Indian roots, but would create an impact despite being in the crowded segment. Diversity in the taste of Indian audience makes the country the hottest destination when it comes to opening QSRs.

The Impact

Burger Farm in its short journey of 5 years have grown by leaps and bounds and have opened 9 outlets across India till now. The sales have grown exponentially over the years and in some cities, the sales are even higher than those of McDonald’s& Burger King’s. Burger Farm has been in news ever since its inception and people have fallen in love with its burgers, munchies, shakes and coolers. The brand has been awarded as the one of the fastest growing QSR brands in the country and have won many accolades at both state and national levels.

The Outcome & Big Idea

The team at Vowels was able to deliver unexpected results for Burger Farm. People got accustomed not only to the taste of the “Deliciously Desi Originally Indian” burgers, but also started following the brand on its social media platforms. The engagement and conversation around the brand grew manifold and people started recognizing the brand by its communication and colors.

After getting on board, our foremost task was to devise strategies for the brand. This was done in accordance to the brief we received, the research we performed on the brand and the trends that were being followed in the QSR industry. We came with something which we call as ‘The Three E’s of the content strategy’. Under this, we started created content to educate, entertain and engage our target audience. The result was extremely encouraging. We were able to increase the followers on social media platforms by 4X and increase the conversation by 3X. These numbers gave us confidence that not only we are able to strike a chord with the audience, we are also driving organic growth for the brand. The results were validated by the increasing sales of the brand. All the content and design we created had the similar typography, inclusion of brand colors and communication which clicks with the audience. We continued leveraging on the topical content to increase the sharability of our content, whilst creating contextual content for the audience.


Brand Strategy
Social Strategy
Content Strategy
Content Creation
Visual Designs

Unwind the Story

Rajat & Param (Founders& CEOs), with aspirations and dreams in their eyes to make it big in the industry, wanted people to get hang of their “Originally Indian Deliciously Desi” taste of burgers. They were very clear with the selection of the target audience, which comprised of kids, students, working professionals and families. However, they wanted to keep their communication quirky and appealing to the millennial and Z generations. Coming from non-technical backgrounds, they failed to understand the nuances of marketing communication. That is where Vowels came in the picture as their brand consultant and content creator to engage, entertain and educate their target audience. The goal was extremely clear to us. We were required to improve the brand communication, engage with their audience and drive purchases after building familiarity and consideration with the brand.